There are a number of other organisations in the local area and nationally that cover similar areas of responsibility and interests, and The Southgate District Civic Trust works in partnership with these organisations to further the goals of the Trust.

Civic Voice Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement. It’s objectives are to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. It promotes civic pride.

The Friends of Trent Country Park (The Friends) is a volunteer group formed in 2005. ensure the enjoyment of Trent Park by the present and future generations. Work in partnership with Enfield Council to improve the appearance of and facilities and safety in Trent Park to meet the needs of users. Propose and facilitate projects which do not adversely affect the environment in the park. Co-operate with the Trent Park Conservation Committee to ensure that the Green Belt and Conservation areas are maintained.

The Friends of Broomfield Park The Friends of Broomfield Park is a group of local people who work with the council to improve the park appearance, facilities, conservation value and safety. They meet four times a year and anyone with an interest in the park, wherever they live can join “The Friends” to help with the park.

Friern Barnet and District Local History Society The aims of this Society are to encourage the preservation of things of local interest, to study and record local history and to arrange lectures on topics of local and general historical interest. It was named Friern Barnet “and District” as a reflection of its interest in its neighbouring areas of North Finchley, New Southgate, Whetstone and South Friern. We have regular public meetings, ongoing projects, recorder groups and occasional conducted walks around the area. Our website includes a photo gallery containing almost 2500 images

Southgate Green Association The Southgate Green Association is an organisation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Southgate Green Conservation Area. Southgate Green, located on the southwest boundary of the London Borough of Enfield, was designated a Conservation Area in 1968. It covers approximately 31 hectares, with over 30 listed buildings and structures. The Conservation Area radiates from Southgate Green northwards along the High Street, westwards down Waterfall Road and southwards along Cannon Hill until the junction with Alderman’s Hill. The buildings and spaces along these roads form a village envelope which has a special character and appearance.

The Enfield Society The Enfield Society promotes the conservation and enhancement of the civic and natural environments of the London Borough of Enfield and its immediate surrounding area, for the public benefit. Enfield’s environment is threatened as never before. Open spaces are being sacrificed to commercial development. The Green Belt is under constant pressure. Historic buildings are deteriorating. We are fighting to preserve our heritage so that future generations can enjoy Enfield’s rich architectural legacy and Green Belt countryside. We do not oppose development, but do all that we can to ensure that it enhances the character and atmosphere of the Borough, while not losing the best of the past.

Southgate County School The Southgate County School Website provides a comprehensive and diverse record of the Southgate County School in Palmers Green, London N13. It is dedicated to all those who attended Southgate County School, either as pupils or staff, during the sixty years of its existence. At the end of the Summer Term 1967, it merged with Oakwood Secondary Modern School to become Southgate School, Sussex Way, Cockfosters, Herts. The Southgate County School Website provides a unique historical resource and focal point for the old school.

Broomfield House An Enfield Council based website for Broomfield House.

Broomfield House A local community group website, based in Palmers Green concerned with the restoration of Broomfield House